DefiSign 200 Outdoor Cabinet

Also available within the DefiSign range is an outside cabinet, the DefiSign 200 AED Outdoor Cabinet. This rugged outdoor enclosure combines durability with a modest weight. Very convenient, as this cabinet can be mounted to any wall.
The solid body of the box is made from ABS and the flexible opening is made from polycarbonate. These materials are well known in the automotive industry, polycarbonate is used for the production of headlights and ABS in the manufacture of shock absorbers. The DefiSign outdoor cabinet is further provided with a temperature controller, loud alarm, and day-night lighting. In short, the DefiSign 200 Outdoor Cabinet is a sophisticated cabinet that can take a beating!


Although the DefiSign 200 outdoor cabinet has a good ventilation mechanism, it is still important to install it in a shaded area. The ventilation system suppresses high temperatures, but does not function as an air conditioner. Direct exposure to too much sunlight with significantly shorten the shelf life of the battery(ies). It is also likely that the gel on the electrodes will dry out, meaning that the cardiac rhythm during a resuscitation will be less accurately measured.
In order to operate the ventilation system, it is important that the DefiSign 200 outdoor cabinet is connected to an AC power supply. This should always be carried out by a qualified electrician.


The DefiSign 200 outdoor cabinet has a loud audible alarm of up to 105dB. This will be activated when the opening of the cabinet is forced.
In addition, the outer casing is equipped with several LEDs, ensuring that the compartment where the AED sits, is always illuminated. This lighting is controlled by the built-in light sensor.
As indicated earlier, the DefiSign outer casing has a ventilating mechanism which ensures that the temperature is suppressed.
In addition, the cabinet has also a thermostatically controlled heating element, ensuring a frost-free environment. When the temperature drops too low, the heater will automatically turn on.


H = 423 mm, L = 388 mm, D = 201 mm, weight = 3.5 kg


The Defi Sign 200 AED Outdoor Cabinet comes with a 2 year warranty.

What is included with your order?

  • DefiSign 200 AED Outdoor Cabinet
  • Transformer
  • Instruction manual

Please note that the wiring and mounting hardware for the transformer are not included.