DefiSign AED Trainer

DefiSign AED Trainer

The first AED trainer that that can be operated via an App! 

The DefiSign AED trainer is very user-friendly and is easily operated via a free App. Equipped with 25 languages. 

Everyone can train with the DefiSign AED trainer! 

Operate the trainer via the App 

Download the “Defi training by Schiller” App for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Connect your phone to the DefiSign AED trainer via Bluetooth and give CPR training sessions in an instant. 

Semi and fully automatic scenarios 

The training options are extensive and can be completely personalized. The trainer can be set in both semi and fully automatic mode. Scenarios can be put together in an instant. 

Repeat, pause or fast forward 

Adapt your training to the pace of the students! 

25 language settings 

Something for everyone! With no fewer than 25 languages, you can easily provide training to various companies and international groups. 

From renowned manufacturer Schiller Medical 

Our AED trainer is produced by Schiller Medical from Switzerland; a leading brand in the medical world. This is reflected in the high quality and functionality of the trainer. 

DefiSign Trainer app

Familiar to everyone 

With the DefiSign trainer you prepare students for real-life emergencies where a DefiSign AED is used. The training options are very extensive and can be completely personalized in the App. 

The appearance of the AED Trainer is identical to that of the Defisign AED. 

DefiSign AED Trainer

Anyone can learn to operate an AED!