DefiSign Life AED

Specially designed for everyone

The DefiSign Life AED provides clear spoken instructions and is very easy to operate. Built from high-quality components. With 10 (!) Year warranty.

10 Year Guarantee!

Our AED is made up of high quality materials and components. Hence we can confidently offer a guarantee period of 10 years. Uniique in the AED market.

From the renowned manufacturer Schiller Medical

Our defibrillator is manufactured by Schiller Medical from Switzerland; A leading brand in the medical world. This is reflected in the high quality of the AED.

Easy to use

As soon as the DeSign Life AED is opened, it is ready for use. The electrodes are already connected to the device (pre-connected). Saving valuable seconds.

Long Life Electrodes and Battery

The electrodes have a 2.5 year lifespan. The batteries last for 6 years. The AED automatically alerts you when the electrodes or battery need to be replaced.

High dust and water resistance

Due to its high dust and water resistance, the DefiSign Life AED can be hung inside or outside. In a kitchen, living room, swimming pool, office or industrial environment. The DefiSign Life AED fits everywhere.


Delivered standard with 3 languages. Diverse combinations are possible.

Delivered ready to use

As soon as the front cover has been opened, the device is ready for use. The electrodes are already connected to the device (pre-connected). The AED begins immediately with voice instructions.
These instructions are supported by images that are highlighted using LED lights.

Precious seconds saved

The electrodes are visible at a glance and attached to the defibrillator. The pads can be stuck directly onto the exposed chest of the casualty, after which the AED proceeds directly with the resuscitation procedure.
This will save valuable seconds.

From baby to adult

For baby/child (up to 25 kg) special child electrodes must be used, which can be stored on the back of the AED. Using these electrodes, the energy level of the shock is adjusted to accommodate the child’s smaller body.
This allows the DefiSign Life AED to be used for every target group; From baby to adult.

DefiSign Life AED

Specially designed for everyone!